Not to be a professional photographer(不是為了成為專業攝影師)

Not to be famous(不是為了成名)

Not only to relax(不只是為了休閒)

Nor only to have fun (不只是為了好玩)

But to be Human (但做為人)

So to recognize beauty(有對美的感知力)

To be sensitive(和敏銳)

To be close to an infinity that can’t be grasped ( 能盡量靠近無法抓住的'無限')

To have something to cling to (有一種追求)

And so to have more love, more compassion, more gentleness, and more Goodness (有愛,有激情,有君子之氣,有善良)

More Life(活出生命的精彩)

For what is success without knowing how to live? (不知道如何生活談何成功?)